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Grow your email list

How To Get More Email Subscribers

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Want to grow your email list?

If you're like most new business owners, you're struggling to grow your email list. This is a super common problem for Coaches, Consultants and Online Service Providers who are growing their businesses.

It can feel tough when you keep hearing how important it is to grow your email list, but it's growing at a snail's pace.

You've created an amazing lead magnet, but only 7 people have downloaded it!

It can be frustrating when you've put all that time and effort into creating that incredible freebie, but no one is grabbing it - so your email list growth is STUCK.

Here's the secret:

You need to put just as much effort into promoting a FREE product as a paid product.


People are still paying for your free lead magnet - but instead of money, they are paying with their time, effort, data and personal email address.

So you need to really MARKET your lead magnet to entice people to download it and join your email list.



Website homepage form
Website pop up form
Website blog form
Guest blogs for others
Instagram bio link
Instagram Stories link
Facebook personal page bio
Facebook business page bio
Your Facebook Group - welcome questions
Other people's Facebook Groups - promo threads
Lead Magnet swap with a biz bestie (promote to each other's lists)
Email Signature
Online Directories
LinkedIn bio
Podcast links
YouTube links
Other people's podcasts
Guest Presentations

And if you're ready to invest, try Facebook/Instagram Ads!

Not sure what a lead magnet or freebie is? It's a free valuable resource (such as an eBook, PDF, workshop or mini-course) that you give away in exchange for someone joining your email list.


I hope these ideas help you! 

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