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How To Get Clients (Without Going Viral)

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Want to know how to get clients from social media, (without going viral?)

Think of social media as a NETWORKING PLATFORM, instead of just a publishing platform.

Too many coaches and business owners think they are doing a great job scheduling 5 posts per week and then jumping off the platform without engaging with anyone. Then they get confused that clients aren't flocking to them.

The problem? They are thinking of social media as a one-way content publishing platform, instead of a SOCIAL platform. (Hint: Being social is the name of the game).

So, on top of your regular content (I suggest a mix of Reels, Carousels and static posts), I also recommend you spend time every day getting SOCIAL on social media.

Here's how:

For everyone who follows you, send them a lovely private message with either a voice note (super personal!) or a written message. Thank them for following you and ask them a question to start a conversation.

Spend 10 minutes per day commenting on your follower's posts. Everyone wants engagement on their content, so go first and give it to them!

Find 5 new people per day to follow, by searching for hashtags that your ideal client would use. Once you follow them, comment on 2 or 3 of their posts to show their content some love.

Respond to all the comments on your own posts and ask them a question.

If you use Instagram, watch your Stories and comment on them - this will send the comment to their DMs, so you can continue the conversation.

Do regular Polls or Questions posts on your Stories to start the conversation with your audience.

Focus your efforts on CREATING RELATIONSHIPS (rather than going viral) on social media and this will be the fast lane to creating clients.

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