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How To Write Better Content

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Do you struggle with the WRITING component of your marketing?

I love providing my marketing coaching clients with tips and tricks on how to improve their copywriting (i.e. their words) so that they can convey their message more clearly and attract more clients.

I recently reviewed my amazing client's website copy (i.e. the words for her website) and gave her the below copywriting tips, which I am sure can help you too! Hit REPLY and let me know which is your favourite...

- Keep sentences short and sweet

- Keep bullet points in groups of 3 where possible (the human brain LOVES things in threes)

- Put the most interesting, important information at the beginning of every sentence. Assume people aren't reading the end of your sentences (half the time they are just scanning) so the most important words need to come FIRST.

- Use your client's words wherever possible! How do you do this? Find the questions they ask in Facebook groups, in forums, and in your market research calls. Use their EXACT words for a compelling message!

- Saying the same thing over and over (sometimes in the same way, sometimes in a different way) is the way you become KNOWN for something. Don't be afraid to be repetitive. This is great MARKETING and is how you'll become the go-to person for that thing you keep talking about!

- The job of each sentence is to 'hook' people in and keep them engaged so that they read the next sentence. And the job of that sentence is to compel people to read the next sentence. And so on and so forth. Keep your audience interested and compelled so they keep reading all your copy until the very end.

- Lots of empty space works really well to help people digest your copy and reduce the cognitive load. We WANT people to read and absorb what you are saying. So use short sentences and paragraphs, press 'enter, enter' in between each sentence to create empty white space, and use bullet points and numbers wherever possible.

- Use conversational language, like you are talking to a friend.

- Don't let AI write your copy. You can get ideas from AI, but please write it yourself so it sounds like YOU.

- Tell stories, and provide anecdotes wherever possible. Real life examples are engaging and help people relate to your content.

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