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How to Turn Content Into Clients

How To Turn Content Into Clients

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What's the best way to turn content into clients?


Just answer this question below: 

How can you help people get what THEY want?

This is what your future clients want to know.

They don’t really care about how much time and effort you’re putting into your social media content, your email copy or your coaching program.

What they want to know is:

‘How can you help me get what I want?’

‘How can you help me reduce my pain or increase my pleasure?’

‘How can you help me reach my goal?’

‘How can you help me stop creating my current undesirable result and create my dream-come-true result?’

Your job as a marketer is to answer all these questions.

(And yes, if you have a business, you are ALSO a marketer. No marketing = no business.)

So now, with every piece of marketing, whether it’s a social post, story, email, podcast, video, or workshop, I encourage you to ask yourself:

‘What’s in it for them?’

‘Why should they care about this?’

‘How does this help my ideal client get what THEY want?’

And… because I always like to lead by example, I’ll answer these questions for you!

I wrote this post to help you create content that connects with ideal clients.

Content that actually HELPS your ideal clients builds ‘know, like and trust’ fast.

There is no better way to show someone you can help them, than by ACTUALLY HELPING THEM.

So this post will help you get what YOU want, which is more clients and a greater impact.

It helps you reduce your pain of content falling flat, and helps you increase the pleasure of clients reaching out to you.

It will help you reach your goal of a full-roster of perfect fit clients, by creating valuable content that is useful to people and has them reaching out for more help.

I promise you – the more you can help people get what they want, the faster you can get what YOU want.

Need help creating marketing that attracts perfect-fit clients? That’s what I’m here for! Book your free consult call with me HERE.

I can't wait to meet you soon.
Mia x

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