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Content Hooks For Any Niche

Content Hook Ideas

content ideas

Need hook ideas? Here are free hooks perfect for any niche!


'3 tips to help you...' (create the result your ideal client wants)

'Come join me while I...' (do something interesting to your ideal clients)

'Why you keep...' (getting the unwanted result your ideal client has)

'Do this if you want to...' (create the result your client wants)

'You'll never guess how I...' (got the result your ideal client wants)

'You might not want to hear this but...' (the key thing that's getting in your ideal client's way)

'The best advice I was ever given was...' (key tip that will help your ideal clients)


By the way, if you're wondering what a 'hook' is...

The hook is the first sentence of your content that stops people from scrolling past, and encourages them to read further.

Your hook can be a question, a strong statement, or an intriguing sentence that 'calls in' your ideal client and entices them to read (or listen or watch) further.

You can use these hooks for your content on Instagram, Facebook, Email, Blog, YouTube, Podcast or anywhere else you publish content. 

I hope these help you!


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