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How content creates clients

7 Ways that Content Creates Clients

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Why is creating content important?

Well, here's why! Valuable content is the secret sauce to attracting customers. 

Here's how it works.

When you create consistent, valuable content, you can: 

1. Reach your ideal clients effortlessly, as they are already SEARCHING for a solution to their challenges. 

When your content speaks directly to their problems, they'll come running to you, ready to buy. No pushy sales tactics needed. 


2. Let people get to know you. 

Networking events and coffee chats are great, but people usually want to also research you online before investing in your coaching. 

Make sure every person you meet in-person ALSO connects with you online, whether it's connecting on LinkedIn or Instagram or subscribing to your podcast. 


 3. Build trust fast. 

Credibility matters. If you're not online or your content is outdated, people might doubt your legitimacy. Consistent and valuable content helps establish trust with your ideal clients. I love it when people on my consult calls say, 'It's great to FINALLY meet you!', as they feel like they already know me. 


4. Free advertising, anyone? 

Gone are the days of expensive newspaper ads or tedious flyer distribution.

Leverage free or low-cost platforms like social media, email and DIY websites to spread the word about your coaching business. Why WOULDN'T you use free content to its full advantage?


5. Give people a taste of working with you. 

Videos and podcasts let potential clients experience your style, thoughts, and unique perspective.

It makes reaching out for a consult less intimidating and helps them imagine what it's like to work with you. 


6. Help others and establish yourself as the expert. 

Provide value through your content and help people before they even pay you.

Building reciprocity and demonstrating your expertise will position you as the go-to business for their needs. 


7. Money comes from value. 

Make your content the #1 most valuable resource for your community, and clients will come knocking on your door, eager to work with you.

Who is the value determined by? The consumer of your content (not you!). So make sure your content is relevant, valuable and useful to your ideal client.


So, here's the lesson:

A professional online presence with consistent, valuable content is the KEY to attracting your ideal clients, so they can get to know, like and trust you, before they reach out to you.


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